Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A new blogger in town

Seems like nowadays, everyone is starting a weblog. Or begins Twittering...or so I'm told. Is it okay to call someone who twits all day an old twit? Never mind, just a thought.

On that note, welcome to my spanking new weblog. Nice, my second pun in less than four lines.

I suppose, since this is my first post, I should be telling you a little something about me, this weblog, etc. You agree? Okay, here it goes. My name is Barbara and that is not my real name. It is a pseudonym. Or alias, if you prefer. I will call it a pseudonym because it sounds better and shows off my education more effectively. I paid enough for it, I might as well show it off (anyone who points out a spelling mistake after this point, gets a punch in the nose, okay?). Secondly, I called this weblog "A Domestic Domme" because that is what I am and because I like the alliteration. I promise I will put the dictionary away now.

With Domme, I mean of course that I am a Dominant Lady. I am not a leather clad Dominatrix, not a Goddess or anything of the sort, not a Princess or a Queen, not a Mistress or any other title. If some people want to use titles, that's fine by me. But I am yet to meet the first person who calls me Goddess to my face and should that ever happen, I am sure to laugh at the poor fellow until I get a nosebleed. My name is Barbara. Okay, it really isn't, see above, but let's not complicate matters further.
So much for the Domme bit. Now on to the Domestic bit. Why Domestic? Well, to most of the outside world I am probably just an average woman, of average age, with an average job, living in an average part of town, with average friends and an average house, an average husband and two very non-average cats. But I guess that goes for all cats, which would make my two cats extremely average as far as cats are concerned and now I've gone and given myself a headache. Still with me? Good!
I'm just trying to say that no one (unless they had psychic powers) would be able to guess that I am a Domme. I don't stomp around in leather boots, go to play-parties, carry a riding crop with me where ever I go and my husband does not wear a collar. Our play happens in the house, in private.

What can you expect of this weblog? Well, I am not sure yet. I can tell you a bit about what NOT to expect, if that helps you. This weblog will not contain:
  • pornographic images
    So if you've come for that, I'm sorry to say you are in the wrong place
  • images of my husband or me
    I'm not comfortable with sharing such images with the rest of the world, so I won't. The picture in my profile? No idea who she is, but it's not me for sure. I'm not blond. Then again, I might be and I am telling you I'm not, just to confuse you.
  • detailed information about my husband or me
    You do not need to know who I am.
What I am going to talk about in the future, are things that interest me. That may range from music to movies to books to the nastiest ways you can torture the cock of your submissive. Some of this stuff may appeal to you, some may not. I would appreciate feedback to what I post, positive or negative, that's both okay, as long as you can provide a reason for it. Just saying you hate it will not provoke any response, saying you don't think Tabasco is healthy to put on a man's cock because an esteemed medical journal says so, will. What's that? Do I put Tabasco on a man's cock? Stick around and you may find out.

Okay, enough rambling for now.


  1. Welcome to BlogHood, Barbara. I liked your first post and will look forward to future ones, whether they are to do with Tabasco sauce recipes, cock torture or uppity cats.

    Miss Dee.

  2. Thank you for the welcome, Miss Dee. I am sure that all those topics will be discussed at some point, perhaps even in the same post, knowing my brain.

  3. Hello Barbara, well done on the blog set-up. Looks good. Funny post too!
    Have fun blogging.

    Thanks also for adding a link to my blog!

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