Thursday, 16 June 2011

Barbara's mailbag

I have been getting lots of interesting email since I started my weblog and I thought I would share some of that with you. Of course I will preserve the anonymity of the sender. First of all, let's start with a big no-no when writing to a Domme.

How not to talk to a Domme
I like to think of myself as fairly accessible and easy-going as a Domme. I certainly don't expect people who write me to grovel or beg for anything. Just a polite message will do. I do however have some standards and some messages just rub me the wrong way. The example below left me flabbergasted behind my PC. Allow me to quote one line from this message:
"Let me know what part of the country you live, so I can deceide if I can travel to you."
Excuse me? I won't mention the spelling mistake or the fact that you don't even know what country I am in, but did you just tell me what to do? And you can decide if you can travel to me? What makes you think I'd be willing to see you in the first place, let alone spank you? If there's anyone going to be deciding anything around here, it will be me. And you do not invite yourself, I will invite you. Guys, I know communicating is difficult for most of you, but do try harder than the author of this message, please?

Can I be your slave?
I've gotten several of these messages and first of all, I have to say that it is flattering to read them. I mean that sincerely. However, I do not take slaves, not  in the bdsm sense of the word. I am not a mistress, not a slave owner. I do not own my submissive. Rather, he submits to me out of his own free will, because he wants to. I accept his submission as a gift.
That being said, right now I am not in the market for an additional submissive. Certainly not in real life. I have thought about taking an online submissive but at the moment I would have too little time for him or her. Should that change however, I will let you all know here.

How do I get my wife to dominate me?
I received this question several times and I'm sorry to say that there is no easy answer. You know your wife best, supposedly. So the one most ideally suited to answer that question is you yourself. Every person is different but I suppose she will fall in one of the categories below:
  • Not interested in anything kinky
  • Willing to listen
  • Willing to experiment
  • Willing to play
  • Glad to play
If your wife falls into the two top categories, you are probably out of luck. I'm sorry to be blunt, but that's just the way it's likely going to be. She may be willing to listen to your desires but she will most likely not be able to reciprocate.
If she falls in the third category, you may be in luck. She might find some things about the lifestyle that she likes but I doubt she will be willing to live the lifestyle. She may also find that she does not like it, in which case you will be out of luck, probably.
If she is willing to play, you are in luck. She may be doing it just for you, humoring you or she may actually find some satisfaction in it. Over time, she could grow into quite the Domme!
Glad to play, well, then you have probably awoken a monster and there's no saving you now!

I don't think it is possible to turn a woman into a Domme. If you are a submissive man in a relationship with a vanilla woman, one who is truly vanilla and not just out of touch with her own desires, you will most likely never get her to help you out with your desires. She may not even want to listen to them. I know that's not what you want to hear and I wish with all my heart it were different, but sadly I think it isn't. If it's not in her, then no amount of explaining, dropping hints and pleading is going to make her a real Domme. She may humor you on occasion by playing along, but I doubt it will be satisfactory for either of you. Worse still, she may begin to hate doing it.
That being said, I think there are probably a great many women out there who are very dominant and who have the potential to grow into good Dommes but they're either afraid of those feelings, they may feel it is not womanlike to be in charge. Others may even be afraid of those feelings of wanting to be in control. Women have been conditioned by society for such a long time that many may feel it is wrong to be a strong, independent, sexual woman.

If your wife is of the dominant variety, and she may well be if you have submissive tendencies, chances are there is a different approach to achieving her to be your Domme. It is a subtle path, not a straight road towards a goal, though. However, I think it may be a workable solution for those who know that their wives are not ready to listen or are afraid to approach the subject openly.
Even without her knowing about it, you can still submit to her. Whenever she asks you to do something, you do it right away. Even better, you try to anticipate what she wants and do it before she asks. If she's upset with you, you apologize to her, even if you feel you don't have to. Sexually, you take care of her needs before you think of yourself. I'm not telling you to become a doormat, you can still make your own opinion known, but in the end, you let her decide. She decides what's on TV, what restaurant you go to and where the holidays take place. In time she may grow used to you obeying her. She may begin to feel it is the natural state of things. Perhaps then, you can introduce some other aspects of the lifestyle to her. Always remember though, her needs and wants come first.

I am not saying that this is a perfect approach, I am not saying that yes, she will always turn into a Domme if you follow this advice. She may not even like you obeying her! I am saying that it may make the introduction of the lifestyle easier and her more willing to accept things. As always, you know your wife (or girlfriend) best and only you can decide best which approach to take.

Can you teach my wife to dominate me?
Sorry, but I can't do that. I don't have the time nor do I know your wife.

That concludes a little stroll through my mailbox, just in case you were wondering what kinds of messages a Domme gets when she goes public. I have left out the more inappropriate ones, though. You won't believe what some people write me or ask of me!


  1. Thank you for Your writing. Appreciate your thoughts and advice.

  2. Thank you, Weave and you're welcome.